I am excited to help you achieve your goals! 

Here are some ways I can help....

  • one-on-one consulting

  • group workshops/seminars

  • online video resources

  • swim evaluation with video taping

  • run form evaluation with video taping



One-on-One Consulting:

1 hour of consulting: 60-75 min
(either in person or on the phone/Skype)
Cost: Contact for pricing

I will "scratch" where you're "itching!" Completely customizable, you can determine the topics and questions on any and every aspect of running, triathlon, duathlon including…

  • nutrition
  • race strategy
  • equipment
  • transitions
  • training
  • technique
  • resistance-strength work
  • recovery
  • heart rate zones
  • drills
  • strategic race planning
  • goal setting
  • mistakes to avoid
  • managing your time

Contact me to schedule your one-on-one consulting session!


Group Workshops/Seminars: 

5-Zone Living: 90 min Workshop

  • New dates coming soon!

If you'd like to avoid getting burned out, staying fresh year around... If you'd like to reduce your risk of injuries... If you'd like to alleviate the "I should be training more" guilt trip... If you'd like to have more time to commit to other aspects of life... If you'd like to know how focused you should be each month of the year...

...Then the 5-ZL plan is for YOU! The 5-Zone Living grid will give you guidance for your training, eating, mind, will, focus and emotions throughout the year. Enjoy the above mentioned benefits and others too by applying the 5-ZL plan to your life!

  • Here’s what’s included...
    • Five-Zone Living (willpower, mind/emotions, food, training, focus)
    • Race Goals
    • Strategic planning for your upcoming season
    • Easy reference take-home hands outs and worksheets

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2 video resources available:


Essential Swimming Tips Video

Get the TOP 4 Items You ABSOLUTELY MUST Think About When You Swim!


5 Zone Living: Video Course

Absolutely NAIL Your Most Important Races of 2018!!!
Achieve the outcome you dream about!

Here's how to make it happen...
Feel confident with this easy 5-ZONE LIVING System!
(Online Triathlon Lifestyle Course)