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Three-Time National Champion in Triathlon / Duathlon


Endurance Sports Specialist


Hello! I'm Lincoln Murdoch...welcome to my site! I am so glad you are here! 

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My mission is to help athletes become faster, stronger and more confident as they train and race, by sharing with them insights gained over several decades (while winning two national championships).


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My passion is to help athletes to meet their performance goals!

I offer...

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My mission is to help athletes become faster, stronger and more confident as the train and race, by sharing with them insights gained over several decades (while winning three national championships).



"Coach Lincoln has helped me develop a greater focus on my race objectives.   Nutrition, rest, recovery, mental focus, therapies, triathlon specific workouts and supplemental training and workouts that support race objectives.   Lincoln’s vast experience as an athlete has been a real asset to me.  My motivation, belief in myself and my race results are all better because of Lincoln."

Lou Andersen - CEO
Qualifier - ITU World Championships,
Ironman Finisher



 Three-Time National Champion in Triathlon / Duathlon

 6th in the world - ITU World Championships, Gold Coast, Australia 

13 Time USAT All-American Triathlete

First-place overall in 35 triathlons

2016 Named “Nebraska Senior Athlete of the Year” by the Nebraska Sports Council

Marathoner/ Ultra-marathoner (Qualifier for the Western States 100)

Multiple Ironman finisher including the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon

 USAT Duathlon All-American  



Remember Clubber Lang's (the bad guy) prediction of his fight with Rocky Balboa in the movie Rocky 3?

Sports announcer, "Clubber, what's your prediction for the fight?"  Clubber, "PAIN!!"

There are many areas that we need to prepare for mentally before a race.

One of the biggest, depending on our goals, is the area of oncoming pain. Now, we want to minimize pain as much as possible by racing smart, getting our nutrition right, being aware of the weather condition and it's effect on us, etc.

But, if we're going to be racing hard or long we know that PAIN will be part of our day.

In my recent win at the USAT Duathlon National Championships, I knew I was going to be in pain for a little over an hour.

Pedal to the medal is what is needed in a 5K run, 12 mile bike and 2 mile second run. It's hard, fast and...painful.

I prepared for that by embracing the pain before it came. To achieve the outcome I desired, I would have to hurt. Hurt, to the point of feeling like death. To the point of feeling like passing out. I knew I would have to race beyond my training, digging deep and going way back into what many call the "pain cave."

Knowing that was coming helped me to handle it when, sure enough, it hit, shortly into the first run. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Prepare for the pain.

Endure the pain.

Then, celebrate forever your accomplishment!


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